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For leaders and organisations who want to create high performing cultures and a meaningful impact.

Who We Are

Barasa is a consulting firm led by founder, Dr Dimity Podger.

We work collaboratively with you to create a purpose and values driven business, with an aligned culture, systems, practices and behaviours.

The benefits of this approach to your business include higher levels of engagement and commitment from leaders, employees, customers, and investors. It also means greater levels of collaboration, innovation and performance.

The benefits to society, humanity and the planet are a growing number of thriving conscious businesses that are a force for good.

We look forward to being part of your journey.

How we work

We work with leaders and organisations committed to a higher purpose and humanistic values.

Our approach is to work collaboratively with our clients to discover and integrate their purpose and values throughout their organisational systems, operations and culture.

Our programs and change initiatives are participatory and action oriented, drawing on action learning and appreciative inquiry approaches, to build systemic capabilities through co-ownership and engagement.

What Are The Results

Purpose and values driven organisations have higher levels of internal and external engagement, trust, innovation, creativity and productivity.

The level of meaning and connection employees and leaders have with day to day activities and with one another is enhanced and everyone is clear on the direction that they are headed and on the behaviours and actions that will get them there.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to be part of creating a just, equitable and flourishing society, and a healthy and vital planet, where individuals fulfill their limitless potential.  We channel our knowledge, passion, and experience in service to this purpose.

What we do

We work with you to define your higher purpose, the values and behaviours that will help you achieve it, and the impact you want to make. Next, we co-design with you your implementation road map. We use our All-In approach to ensure your team is engaged in a meaningful way. This builds commitment and ownership of the journey.

There are six areas we focus on.


We design and implement with you a meaningful and effective approach to discovering and articulating your higher purpose, the values that support you in achieving it, and the positive impact you want to make.


We work with you to assess the alignment of your culture, systems, processes, and practices with your purpose and values. In the process, we will identify gaps and prioritise solutions with you. Our approach incorporates Culture Mapping techniques and the WeValue approach to measuring values.


We design with you an implementation strategy and road map to embed your purpose, values, and impact through all that you do: decisions, strategy, business model, supply chain and engagement, all people elements (eg. recruitment, remuneration, learning-based accountability), communication, branding, governance, etc.


We design and facilitate programs for leaders and managers to connect more deeply and practically with the purpose and values, so they can lead through modelling, influence, encouragement, trust, mutual respect and mutual accountability. This is critical to the success of your purpose, values and impact initiative.


We accompany you on the journey so you can navigate challenges, identify the best solutions for your context, and maintain momentum. This looks like coaching, resource support, ongoing programs.


We work with you to create realistic and usable tools to measure your progress in aligning your organisation with your purpose, values and impact. It is a critical element of your strategy to become a purpose driven enterprise.

Who we work with

We have worked with large corporations, not for profits, startups, social enterprises, government agencies, CEOs and management teams. Here are some kind words people have said about us:

  • — Thea Soutar, National Community Manager, Youth Food Movement (YFM) Australia
    "Dimity was a gift. Her work has helped us to truly understand the values we uphold at work each day, and deeply connect with the way we want to create change. Working with her has given us an immense appreciation for process and the importance of connecting with higher purpose. Our values now sit glued to our office walls - they're a guiding light amidst the myriad of small and big decisions that we make every day." Barasa worked with YFM Australia to create and facilitate a collaborative process of articulating their organisational values

  • — Alex Siewert, Strategy Director, The Leading Edge, Sydney
    "The Values@Work programme was a tremendous experience. Not only did it help us to better understand the power of a well crafted set of values and purpose, but also how transformative these tools can be to realising an organisation’s goals. It was also a deeply personal experience as I was able to uncover the values which I hold true to – which now help to inform my personal approach to both life and business. I would highly recommend the Values@Work programme to anyone looking to create a positive change both in themselves and in their company." Values@Work Programme Participant

  • — Tom Dawkins, CEO, Start Some Good
    "Dimity was an important part of StartSomeGood’s first-ever global retreat. Being a virtual team spread out around the world it was essential that we make the most of our chance to be together, and Dimity’s calm facilitation helped us progress productively through our agenda while still holding space for diverse voices and human interaction. Dimity helped make it both fun and effective and we can’t wait to work with her again in the future!"

  • — Jacqui Sedaghat, UX & UI Designer
    "Dimity has guided me through a personal journey to create a purpose driven career that aligns with my personal values. While also providing valuable insights into creating a high trust, open, respectful environment with your colleagues, by giving real world examples from practical experiences to current advice from thought leaders in innovation, creativity and productivity. I would highly recommend her services." Values Action Lab Participant

  • — Gina Neoh, Property Strategist at NeoChats on Property
    "Dimity's values-based leadership programs helped me to step back and bring kindness, compassion and inspiration to my leadership style with massive improvement to relationships with my team and my clients." Values Action Lab Participant

  • — Victoria Whitaker, Focal Point Manager Australia, Global Reporting Initiative
    "I have known Dimity for over a decade and have found her to be ethically astute and dedicated to her work. In 2012, Barasa provided pro-bono facilitation to GRI Australia's conference. In this time I found Dimity to be incredibly insightful and detailed in her approach. Despite a crowd of almost 200 , she managed the group through a world café well. Some even commented to me afterwards that the session was the best of the conference. I wouldn't hesitate working with her again!" Barasa was lead Designer and Facilitator of the Pro-action Cafe for the GRI Sustainability Reporting Conference

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