Founding Director

Dr Dimity Podger, Director, Barasa Consulting Group

Director and Principal at Barasa Consulting Group, Dimity Podger designs and facilitates learning and development processes with organisations to create, evaluate and deepen their Corporate Values Strategy and implement sustainability and CSR initiatives. She works strategically, creatively and collaboratively with leaders and teams to develop programs that build values literacy and capabilities, ownership and commitment for organisational goals, and values-inspired sustainability innovations.

Dimity is committed to the principles of sustainability and improving the wellbeing, happiness, and security of employees, stakeholders, and communities, embedding principles of sustainability, justice, equity, equality and collaboration in systems and cultures.

Dimity offers both firm conceptual understanding and practical experience of engaging stakeholders with values-based sustainability strategies. She is an expert in designing and delivering participatory approaches to individual and organisational learning and development. By using collaborative approaches, Dimity ensures that her work builds capacity, ownership and commitment to sustainability.

Since 2009, Dimity has focused on values-based leadership and organisational change programs and values-based evaluation frameworks. She was the senior research fellow for ESDinds, an EU-funded initiative led by the University of Brighton. She led the team that developed a framework for values-based indicators and assessment tools in collaboration with corporations, NGOs, universities, community groups, and student organisations.

In 2011, Dimity founded Barasa Consulting Group, through which she advises organisations in the area of values-based organisational design and leadership, using values as a lens for innovation in sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility. She mentors leaders to help their organisations design bespoke indicators and assessment tools and frameworks as a basis for developing values-based practices and strategies.

Dimity’s professional and academic experience has led her to work with organisations across all sectors, internationally and in Australia. She thus has a firm understanding of the challenges facing organisations of varying sizes and natures in integrating sustainability into organisational policy, strategy and practice.

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