The journey to becoming a conscious business is worthwhile, but we know it can be tough.

The Challenge. The Opportunity.

We live, as never before, in uncertain times. The economic, social, political and environmental landscape in which we manage businesses is changing at a phenomenal pace. Technology is eradicating or automating some jobs and creating new roles and industries. And many business owners feel a level of stress and anxiety about their ability to navigate and manage constant change.


At the same time, many of us look at the state of the world and want meaningful ways of combining our work with serving our communities and making a difference in the world. Talented employees – especially millennials – want jobs that satisfy both personal career and public service ambitions. Customers look for products, services and investments that are aligned with positive social environmental values.

None of us are alone. We reflect a global trend among businesses and employees of looking to find and serve a higher purpose supported by core values, and a clear alignment of that purpose with business processes, systems and practices.

Put simply, more businesses want to make a difference.

However, not everyone knows how. It can feel isolating and difficult to know where to start, what to prioritise and what will work in your context. What are the challenges and pitfalls? How do you pin down the higher purpose for your business and how do you make that purpose serve as a compass for all business decisions? And– can this be done without the expense of engaging a private consultant?

Enter the Conscious Business Learning Lab

“Imagine a thriving community of conscious businesses, learning and gaining momentum together, driving the shift towards purpose and values-driven businesses through doing it.”

The Conscious Business Learning Lab is designed to bring together groups of committed purpose-driven business owners and practitioners striving to build, grow and sustain conscious businesses that make a significant difference for the greater good.

The value of the approach lies in the mutual accountability and reciprocity of the community of awesome people involved (to maintain momentum and provide support), and the action-oriented approach to learning about purpose-driven business and applying that learning in practice.

The framework that we are using in our first Lab offering, in partnership with Conscious Capitalism Australia & New Zealand, includes the four tenets of Conscious Capitalism as articulated by John Mackey and Raj Sisodia in their book.  We kick off with the CCANZ community with a co-creation and discovery session, co-designed with MACROLeaders, on 13 February 2017.

What is the Learning Lab?

The Learning Lab is an innovative, facilitated, learning-in-action program where you and a group of committed, purpose-driven businesses will learn how to and build a conscious business, or take your current conscious business through to maturity.

Instead of struggling through the challenges on your own of creating a conscious business that is financially viable and sustainable, gain momentum with currated content and ideas, tailored learning experiences, support from a community of like-organisations, and expert advice.

You will move through cycles of learning and action to address your specific needs, such as:

  • Discover your organisation’s higher purpose and values, providing the compass for all other business decisions.
  • Explore and craft conscious business models that make sense in your context.
  • Consider, devise and implement new approaches to human-centred workplaces and team engagement.
  • Learn about and integrate social purpose approaches to procurement and supplier engagement.
  • Experiment with and design tools to measure your progress to becoming a conscious business.
  • Develop as a conscious leader and support your team to do the same.
  • Identify strategies for cultivating a conscious culture.
  • Learn about and develop your own stakeholder integration strategies.

During each cycle participants will learn and build with a group of committed purpose-driven business owners, leaders and practitioners to create new ways of doing and being in business, generating ideas and putting into practice what they learn.

Formats that the Learning Lab will take include face to face workshops, webinars to tackle challenges and maintain momentum, online and in person Q&As with peope who are in the thick of creating purpose driven businesses, community discussion forums, and accountability groups. You will also able to access a resource tool box.

The focus of all of these elements will be to support you to take personal and professional action and maintain momentum to create a thriving conscious business.


Why join a Learning Lab?

The Learning Lab brings together a committed group of purpose-driven people to:

  • explore examples and practices from across the planet
  • develop game-changing ideas and conscious business practices right for you
  • develop a unique supportive community
  • overcome challenges together and avoid pitfalls
  • inspire and support each other to create businesses that deliver for the greater good
  • create action plans
  • alter or form new business strategies and models
  • foster new friendships and partnerships

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We look forward to accompanying you on your conscious business journey.

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