Our Values@Work suite of programs are designed for your organisation to create a purpose and values-driven culture, and align systems, processes, operations and structures.

Create a culture where personal and organisational values are aligned, where employees are inspired and love coming to work, and where customers are vocal advocates of your business.

With values-based leaders who live the values of the organisation and lead with respect, openness, trust, and a learning spirit, you will find creativity and innovation will increase, you will attract talent and your financial performance will improve.

Alex Siewert, Strategy Director, The Leading Edge, Sydney

The Values@Work programme was a tremendous experience. Not only did it help us to better understand the power of a well crafted set of values and purpose, but also how transformative these tools can be to realising an organisation’s goals. It was also a deeply personal experience as I was able to uncover the values which I hold true to – which now help to inform my personal approach to both life and business. I would highly recommend the Values@Work programme to anyone looking to create a positive change both in themselves and in their company.

We offer the Values@Work:

  • Culture Transformation Program
  • Series of Workshops
  • Culture Alignment Diagnostic
  • Customised workshops for specific needs.

We have also launched our one hour lunch time Values Cafe for teams interested in bringing the values of the organisation to life more fully.  Contact us now for a consultation. Here what one of our clients said about our lunch time workshop.

Taru Tuohiniemi, Change Manager, Office of Liquour, Gaming & Racing Regulation, NSW Government, 2014

Dimity created an excellent lunch session for us on how to bring the public sector core values to life in our everyday work. She made us think about the values and what they mean for us internally and externally. We linked the values with behaviors and actions, and started to put down the ways we can measure success.  Dimity’s facilitation skills are gentle and diplomatic while delivering solid and heavy topics. She adapts to her audience, listens and is outcome-focused. Dimity absorbed the brief extremely well, delivered and followed through. I would love to work with her again in the future.

Values@Work Capacity Building and Culture Transformation Program


The Values@Work Program is designed to help organisations discover, design for and measure the values that best serve their organisational purpose and cultivate a healthy, creative and innovative culture in the process. It is collaborative, provocative, challenging, participatory, educative and evidence-based.

We take your organisation through a staged approach that equips leaders, managers and teams with capabilities and practical solutions to create a purposeful, values driven organisation. It can be adapted and delivered in a range of formats.

We can customize the program for a whole-of-organisation culture transformation initiative, or for specific groupings within your organisation such as senior leaders and managers, a division or location, or for the design of specific projects. 

The stages include:

Stage 1: Project Scope – Clarifying Aspirations

Stage 2: Discovering and Clarifying Core Organisational Purpose and Values

Stage 3: Values-Culture Alignment Diagnostic: Assessing Alignment between Espoused and Lived Purpose and Values

Stage 4: Alignment Workshops: Values-based Organisational Design and Innovation Strategy

Stage 5: Action Learning Process Supporting Implementation of Values Action strategies

Stage 6: Review and Reflection of Action Plan Implementation and Ongoing Capacity Building and Accompaniment

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Values@Work Series 

We also offer the above program in workshop form through the Values@Work Workshop Series.

Our Values@Work Series is designed to equip leaders, managers and teams with capabilities and practical solutions to create a purposeful, values driven organisations that are creative, positive, productive and innovative.

You will discover, clarify, design for and measure the values that best serve your organisational purpose.  You and your team can go on to accomplish amazing things in a healthy, vibrant, flourishing organisational culture.

Each workshop is provocative and challenging and will give you new insights and practical tools to bring powerful, relevant values to life in your organisation. Workshops are evidence-based and include interactive exercises, case studies of values driven organisations, presentations and networking opportunities.

Our Workshop Series Topics include:

Foundation Workshop: The Power of Values – Creating High Purpose, Values-Based Cultures

Participation: Co-creating for Engagement and Commitment

Deep Dive: Personal Purpose and Passion

Clarify: Organisational Purpose and Values

Connecting: Personal and Organisational Purpose and Values

Diagnosing Alignment: Values, Culture and Strategy

Creating Alignment: Organisational Design to Align Values, Strategy and Culture

Living Purpose & Values: Values-based Actions

Review and Reflection: Action Evaluation and Ongoing Planning

We would be happy to talk about the possibilities of tailoring this program to your organisation’s specific needs, aspirations, purpose and values.

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Values-Culture Alignment Diagnostic

We work with your organisation to customise our Values-Culture Alignment Diagnostic to assess the alignment of your purpose and values, with your strategy, culture, and operations.

The results show you where there are any gaps between your espoused purpose and values and your practice.  If there are significant misalignments our diagnostic will help you find them. We can then work with you through our Values@Work Program to build capacity and find practical and evidence-based approaches to close the gaps in your priority areas.

Our diagnostic can help understand alignment for specific areas of an organisation such as:

  • Individual behaviour
  • Team functioning
  • Leadership philosophy and behaviours
  • Management approach
  • Governance
  • Human resource systems
  • Supply chain
  • Customer service
  • Stakeholder relationships
  • Work environment
  • Communications

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