Announcing a New Masterclass Series:

Leading with nobility for a new era


The trend towards purpose-driven business is accelerating.

Business models like B Corp, Benefit Corporation, social enterprise, impact sourcing, and circular economy, are continuing to grow and expand. The trend towards stakeholder capitalism is continuing.

There is ample evidence that performance is higher for businesses that authentically create meaningful value for society and the planet. And engage their employees meaningfully in bringing their own dreams and visions of a better future for all, to work.


However, the ultimate driver of this momentum, of the first movers towards a tipping point, is not self-interest.

It is much deeper than that.

This movement is being driven by leaders tuned into our profound interconnectedness and recognise that they can and must contribute to the regeneration of society and the planet, inspired by noble aims and actions.

This sense of service, compassion, justice, and humility is at the heart of leading with nobility.


We’re focused on enabling leadership as a force of good


I am delighted to announce a soft OPEN for expressions of interest to join our upcoming Masterclass series: Leading with nobility in a new era.

We are partnering with Ramon Mamolejos, Co-founder of Alkimia Learning, a tranformative learning design agency. We are also teaming up with extraordinary collaborators who specialise in leadership development, strategy, and systems change, including Claire McKendrick and Nicole Endacott.

Together we are crafting a leadership journey and space for you to explore and develop your leadership as a force for good.

Our transformational Masterclass series provides you with programming that will enable you to develop your limitless potential as a leader for good,  and engage in creating positive impact in your organiation, community and society.

We are also joined by supporters and advisers, including the purpose-driven human Paul Smith CEO and Founder of Future Directors Institute and Mickey Kovari, Systems Design and Impact Consultant.


We would love your input.

  1. What challenges are you facing now as a leader?
  2. What key knowledge areas and skills do you think are essential for the new future?
  3. What is your theory of change in moving from now to our next best step towards a regenerative future for all?


Ways you can get involved

  1. Join us in a movement towards renewing leadership as a noble profession. Follow #leadforgood.
  2. Join the conversation here to share your insights.
  3. Register your interest in the Masterclass by clicking on the button below or this link.
  4. Connect on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter to stay in the loop.

We look forward to walking with you on this journey.


We are a consultancy firm committed to empowering companies to create purpose and values-driven cultures, we are here to support you, as leaders, to inspire the people you work with, particularly during these times of great uncertainty. 

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