What are Culture Playbooks to Codes of Ethics?

The name may give the impression that they have nothing to do with a Code of Ethics; that they are internal branding, surface level documents, rather than practical leadership tools that guide decision making, day to day.

However, are organisations that create Culture Playbooks, that function like Codes of Ethics, onto something?

Code of Ethics, which traditionally read like old-fashioned rule books, focused on individual obligations, responsibilities and accountability, may also seem like documents that are far away from a tool that contributes to a healthy vibrant culture.

However, Codes of Ethics, reimagined as Culture Playbooks, bring to life what an organisation is when it’s at its best, emphasising the purpose, values and principles that animate it and its way of being and working.

Codes of Ethics as Culture Playbooks invite employees to base decisions and actions on ‘who-we-want-to-be’ and ‘where-we-want-to-go’ and that ‘we are in this together.’

In this form, Codes of Ethics can be highly effective contributors to your organisation building an ethically resilient, inclusive and innovative culture.

To learn more download the new white paper from Trent Moy and our Director, Dr Dimity Podger, Reimagining Codes of Ethics: Creating a Culture Playbook.

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