How do you access your potential to contribute?


We have incredible, untapped potential for growth and contribution lying latent within us, in the roles we play, in the relationships we have, and in the contexts we are interacting with all the time, including our teams, organisations and places.


Accessing this potential involves becoming conscious of it, connecting with it, and shifting how we think, how we see and understand the world around us, including growing our spiritual acumen - our sense of purpose, values, virtues and agency. 


To expand human reality, to encompass what is possible, we need move beyond the "limits set in the mind", and in so doing this “expands the potentiality for action” (Paul Lample, Creating a New Mind, 1999).


Making space to reflect on something as potent and pregnant with possibility as potential, is essential to accessing it.


To assist, I have created a set of reflection questions adapted from Arne Rubenstein's, The Golden Check-in, to support leaders and teams to reflect on the potential emerging in themselves and their context to contribute to a better world.


Here is my adaptation:


Golden reflections on potential

G         What potential for growth am I/are we noticing in myself / us / our context?

O         What am I / we owning more fully?

L          What liminal space am I/are we occupying?

D         What do I/we need to detach from to move forward?

E         What is bringing me/us a sense of deep enjoyment?

N         What am I/are we noticing as needs and opportunities to contribute?

 (Download the image below)

Take a pause and reflect


Watch the video below and let yourself drift.

Consider the GOLDEN REFLECTION questions.


Then, take a moment to jot down:


  • What are you noticing?
  • What are you feeling?
  • What are you thinking?


I would love to hear your reflections about how you are seeing ways to contribute from right where you are. 


Designing intentional reflective spaces 


Rather than leaving reflection to chance, I recommend you intentionally design reflective spaces for yourself and your team.

The GOLDEN REFLECTION questions above, and the original GOLDEN CHECK-IN created by Arne Rubenstein, author of 'The Making of Men' and founder of The Rites of Passage Institute, support people who work together and care for one another to deepen their relationship. 


Both sets lend themselves for use by teams to reconnect during off-sites and retreats, and at the beginning of meetings as a check-in. 


Making time to deliberately and intentionally design spaces for your own reflection and reflection in your team on how you can contribute, supports you to:

  • create a conscious culture
  • build your capacity for self-reflection and critical discernment
  • identify and act on your potential to make a difference


I would love to assist you and your team to create intentional reflection spaces, such as designing a transformational retreat or off-site, or crafting new regular reflection rhythms. Please get in touch to book a call to discuss how I can assist.


Arne Rubenstein

Arne Rubenstein, The Golden List

Photo Credits: Banner image is Vali Photos; video and image on tile available through Canva Pro.