Making consistent and aligned decisions in uncertain times isn’t easy

Uncertainty and complexity disrupts many things in organisations, particularly decision making. Engagement, brand, team morale, reputation, and productivity can all be adversely affected when decisions are not carefully thought through.

When our teams are dealing with making decisions in complex environments, and facing situations they have never faced before, they can go off script. They can make decisions that are not coherent with your core purpose and values. Although well intentioned, your people can be reactive, and driven by unconscious biases and motivations. We are only human. 

This is where you come in to create the decision-making environment that is safe, open and honest. You can also bring in tools and ways of making decisions that are profoundly ethical, and put into practice the purpose and values of your team and organisation. 

Build your capacity as a leader to facilitate ethical, inclusive, and values-aligned decisions

Grow your capacity to lead through uncertainty with an understanding of how we can improve the quality of decisions made. Activate your courage, imagination and integrity as you empower your team to make values-aligned, purpose-driven decisions that make a positive impact.

Leading ethical decisions in your organisation

This experiential, interactive program – can be delivered face to face or virtually. It is designed to strengthen your skills, knowledge and qualities as a leader to lead ethical decision making with your team and organisations. It will support you to further strengthen the culture that will support ethical decision making.

Key learning outcomes include

Achieve impact and innovation through ethical decision-making

Appreciate workplace characteristics that promote or inhibit inclusive and ethically resilient cultures

Explore the five dynamics of psychological safety and learn how to integrate into your team culture making

Apply a systems perspective to understand, deconstruct and address complex ethical challenges

Understand workplace characteristics that promote or inhibit ethically resilient cultures

Strengthen your capacity to lead a culture of ethical decision making

Build capacity in individuals and teams to take action consistent with your guiding purpose, values, and principles

Strengthen ethical analysis, evaluation and decision-making skills for individuals and teams

Your Facilitators

Dimity Podger

DR DIMITY PODGER, Director and Principal, Barasa Consulting Group


I have delivered ethical decision making and ethical leadership programs for business, government and social sector clients, for over 5 years. I work with leaders, teams and organisations to build purposeful and values-rich inclusive cultures, by helping them clarify their core guiding purpose and values and bring them to life through mindsets, behaviours, systems, and culture. In addition to leading Barasa, I lead the Noble Leaders Group Coaching Program, co-lead the Leading with Purpose – Harnessing Ethics Short Course for AGSM @UNSW Business School, and am an Associate with The Ethics Centre. I also serve as a member of the AICD Corporate Governance Committee. You can read more about me here.

Dimity Podger

TRENT MOY, Principal, Halide


Tony Moy and has a deep understanding of complex organisational cultures and leadership from more than 30 years of both senior line management and consulting roles. He provides independent ethics counsel to leaders and teams across a wide range of sectors and roles. He is a long-term associate of The Ethics Centre, a sessional academic with Australian Catholic University and Fellow of the Australian Institute of Community Directors. He has qualifications in Arts, Marketing and Higher Education.

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