for a Regenerative Future

Join us for this  12-week learning journey

 JUL - SEP 2022  (AEST |  ONLINE)

Who are you being called to become?

Do you:

  • believe that humanity is called towards monumental changes in order to preserve life?
  • see that core aspects of transformational leadership urgently needed now revolve around co-creating with others and the living systems in which we are embedded?
  • desire to be part of a community that is stretching towards developing our own agency to meaningfully contribute, while also supporting the agency of those around us to do the same?
  • wish to explore this bold question,  “Who are you going to be, no matter what?”

Join us for a 12-week inquiry


Interest us growing in regeneration as a paradigm that underpins a life-giving way to co-inhabit our “living, interconnected and ever-evolving” planet.

It requires a shift in human consciousness and ways of being that embody a deep sense of mutuality, honouring of human dignity, and caring connection between one another and the systems we are nested within. 

For this profound change to take shape in the world, we need to transform our inner condition.

We invite you to join us for a learning journey and a community of practice for leaders who believe it’s time to evolve who we are and how we lead. 

“Will you consciously and bravely choose to reclaim leadership as a noble profession that creates possibility and humaneness in the midst of increasing fear and turmoil?”

~ Margaret J. Wheatley, author of "Who do we choose to be? Facing reality. Claiming Leadership. Restoring Sanity"

Who is this for?

This learning journey and community of practice is for purpose-driven leaders, who are seeking to reimagine and evolve their way of leading so they can contribute effectively towards a just, compassionate and regenerative future for all life.

What will you explore?

Our peer-learning journey will explore three main premises and corresponding areas of inquiry:



The future–in which each person and our living planet can thrive–can only arise through co-creative processes.

Therefore, it depends on: 

  • activating the agency of each of us as a leader
  • working and acting from a regenerative paradigm.

Guiding Inquiries:

  • What IS a regenerative paradigm anyway?
  • What does leadership look like if grounded in  regeneration?
  • How is it different? And why does it matter?
  • What leadership roles are core to social transformation?
  • How do we create the conditions to activate a higher state of being in ourselves and those we ‘lead’?
  • How do we create conditions that support our continual evolution as agents of co-creation, and the evolution of the people and living systems with whom we are co-creating?



Human societies are profoundly interconnected with, and embedded within natural living systems, with whom we evolve with must learn to co-create.

It is possible to co-evolve towards a future where widespread human activity enhances the thriving of our planet. 

"Our Ancestors and the Birrarung shaped one another — living in balance together for countless generations."  

Aunty Alice Kolasa, an Elder of the Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung Cultural Heritage Aboriginal Corporation (reference)

Guiding Inquiries:

  • How do living systems work? 
  • What ways of thinking and being better enable us to hold many layers of complexity and illuminate systemic effects that support an upward spiral of well-being–for all life?
  • How do we as leaders discern how to comprehend Place and its regenerative potential, and the co-evolution of humans in relationship with their respective, unique Places, into perpetuity? 


Inherently noble

How we show up is as important as our intellectual powers, or what we do. Each human being is inherently noble.

Embodying this nobility, through our ways of thinking, being and doing, can release new potential in ourselves, and for others. 

Guiding Inquiries:

  • What states of being support self- and systems-evolution?
  • What does embodying and fully expressing our inherent nobility as human beings mean for you?
  • Your work, and how you contribute?

  • How do we support others’ agency to reflect and embody nobility, grounded in their own ways of knowing?
  • What systemic potential is activated through this inquiry? 

How will we be working together?

Living systems are the way our world works, and they are beautifully complex. Unfortunately, most of the education we’ve received has trained us to use reductionist ways of thinking that are inherently degenerative.

The call before us as leaders, and for our learning journey, is to develop our ability to continually up-level our thinking and lead in ways grounded in regeneration. This is new to most of us, so calls us into new levels of personal and organisational development, and requires commitment—like any high-level performance does.

Therefore, our work together as a cohort will focus on applying developmental processes live in our sessions, to your real life, and in reflection and growth between sessions. Our aim is for developmental processes to become embedded in your evolution as a leader.

We will:

  • apply framework thinking, including seven first principles of regeneration, to learn to dynamically work with complexity
  • consider nine regenerative roles that contribute to social transformation and how you might apply them through your life roles
  • self-observe, and develop a reflexive practice that supports your ongoing growth as a leader
  • explore essence, which makes beings unique and vital, and how to express that essence to make the difference that only you can make in your context
  • embrace opportunities to have your ways of thinking and being disrupted, opening up new potential for growth
  • become more able to remain grounded when working with complexity, intensity, and/or conflict
  • learn to daylight what is needed for systems evolution, and how you and your team can best serve that

  • step into the centre of our group and be re-sourced towards fuller expression of your Self as a leader

  • bring all of you to connect with your deep caring for our world and weave together your intellectual and spiritual growth (however that looks for you) that enables you to be of service
  • begin to shift your way of thinking, being and doing, to a pattern that is in greater harmony with the natural world, and with who you are choosing to be no matter what.

“Regeneration isn't something you can simply read an article, or even a book about and start "doing" tomorrow. It is, for most of us, a profound shift in being that requires ongoing work within a supportive community.” 


What is involved?

Our learning journey takes place over 12 weeks and includes these practical elements:  

  1. 1
    Nine x two hour experiential co-learning sessions, run on Zoom, in a repeated pattern of three weekly sessions, one week break, repeat. (See program schedule below)
  2. 2
    Reflective, contemplative, and practical activities during and between sessions to support you in applying regenerative principles and frameworks, and to support your inner work towards a fully expression of your Self as a leader.
  3. 3
    Digital resource library to support your growth as a leader for this new era.
  4. 4
    Receive recordings of the sessions for you to review or if you miss a session. 
  5. 5
    Receive Carol Sanford’s “The Regenerative Life” e-book

When do we meet?

We begin, Friday 22 July, 8:00 - 10:00am AEST and complete our 12-weeks together on 30 Sep AEST, 8:00-10:00am. The following is the schedule for both AEST and Central US Time Zones.

AEST (Syd)



Central Daylight Time (CDT)



22 Jul


21 Jul


29 Jul


28 Jul


5 Aug


4 Aug






19 Aug


18 Aug


26 Aug


25 Aug


2 Sep


1 Sep






16 Sep


15 Sep


23 Sep


22 Sep


30 Sep


29 Sep


What will you gain from participating?

  • Greater ability to ground your work in regeneration, bringing principles and frameworks–rooted in living systems–to your everyday roles,  unlocking the potential for innovation and transformation. 
  • Increased capacity to contribute to enduring system change outcomes inside and outside your organisation.
  • Connection with a supportive community who share your commitment to innovating their work to be effective stewards of a healthier world for all.
  • Perspective and stretch. Access a wealth of experience and rich perspectives from your facilitators and cohort and engage in the stretch to your thinking and practice.

Who are your guides?

Your learning journey guides are Karryn Olson and Dr Dimity Podger. We have come together to co-create and guide this leadership learning journey for you.  We met first over 25 years ago at a professional conference around Education for Sustainable Development! Since then, both of our careers have developed in rich, complementary directions, exploring leadership from many perspectives.

Karryn Olson’s current animating inquiry is around “Cultivating Livelihoods in Service to LIFE.” This is the culmination of her many years designing and delivering curricula for transformative education (including permaculture) in informal settings and higher ed, and through that, seeing the need for people doing good work in the world to learn the skills of entrepreneurship. Not only because earning a living is necessary to sustain one’s endeavors, but also because the essence of entrepreneurship is innovation, and that spirit supports and fast-tracks paths towards a regenerative economy. 

Karryn has been diving deeply into the regenerative paradigm, studying with Carol Sanford in her Business Development communities for over 4 years; and more recently with the Regenesis Institute. A major focus is discerning the dynamics that allow us to develop Kinship Mind as a basis for our leadership.  Karryn raised her daughters in an Ecovillage in Upstate NY, USA, on the unceded land of the Haudenosaunee; and is more recently living and working with Indigenous BriBri land-based entrepreneurs in Costa Rica. Read here more about her journey, or connect on LinkedIn.

Dr Dimity Podger has been exploring questions of meaning, purpose and contribution with leaders, teams and communities for decades. The timeless questions of who we are as human beings on this planet, and how we should live and lead are even more important in this new era.  

She has had the privilege of working with and accompanying thousands of passionate leaders and practitioners over the past 20 years, to bring forward a future that is freer, fairer and regenerative for all. Dimity brings a developmental mindset and collaborative approach to all her programs, drawing on her doctorate in education for sustainability, training and practice in participatory inquiry and action learning, and now regenerative business, design and development, learning with the Regenesis Institute, and last year with Carol Sanford.  

Dimity's transformative leadership programs are rooted in a deep ecological and spiritual understanding of reality, and recognise the twin, mutually reinforcing process of inner and outer transformation.

In 2020, she curated the Masterclass Series: Leading with nobility for a new era, and in 2021, launched the Noble Leadership Group Coaching Program.  She leads Barasa Consulting Group, and is also stewarding regenerative communities work with WWF-Australia as part of its Innovate to Regenerate Program. Dimity lives and resides on the unceded land of the Wodi Wodi people. You can read more about her work here and connect on LinkedIn.

A love of humanity and the planet, calls leaders to step up and, with unrelenting commitment, create a world  that is compassionate, just, and regenerative for all. Those leaders that answer this call, are distinguished by their honourable character, courage & wisdom, and service to the common good.

Dr Dimity Podger

Director, Barasa Consulting Group and co-facilitator

What do past clients say about working with Karryn and Dimity?

“Expand your thinking and way of seeing the world through exploring regenerative frameworks and applying them to your life – [the short course is a] platform for more in-depth thinking.” 


"As a true empath, Karryn brings a level of care, understanding, deep listening and commitment that I haven’t experienced with any other coach, business training or platform. She is truly one-of-a-kind, deeply devoted to the abundance and thriving of her clients and of the community of practice of regenerative entrepreneurship."



“ I am so grateful to Dimity who I think beautifully embodies noble leadership and is the perfect person in bringing a space like this together and helping us as individuals and a collective to reflect on and renew our efforts in having a positive impact not just through our work but also our place in our families, neighbourhood and the world.  ”




"I found the intimate Group Coaching Circle facilitated by Dimity valuable and useful particularly in that the reflection and insight from others  took me much deeper in my own. 10/10" 



“Dimity was an incredible facilitator. She really brought out the best in the group and was committed to us all making progress from whatever starting point we had”

Participant, The Regenerative Life Short Course,

Spring '21

"I felt so grateful to be working with Karryn, [who] I consider a co-conspirator, conspiring to make the most of our time on this planet to offer our best for something better; an expert and innovator in her field, grounding her accessible programming in her own constant push to learn and improve."


YOU, Karryn, were one of the best facilitators I've been fortunate to work with in a program. The quality (and quantity) of the underlying material was exceptional - like, multiple books worth of deep, soul-searching reflection questions and exercises. I felt very supported during all of our calls and thought you held the space beautifully for us. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have participated, and would absolutely do so again. 


"I  found this program to be just what I needed. At a time when I was experiencing confusion and struggle, this program helped me identify what is important to me and why. This not only occurred through the heart based content and skilled speakers, but also the other participants who brought a wealth of experience and a presence to each of the sessions. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for an inspiring leadership program." 


"Building a business centered in regenerative practices means uncovering both entrepreneurially-minded folks to journey with you, and an audience receptive to your message and ideas. Regenepreneurs opens me up to a wonderful group of people (and a phenomenal guide in Karryn) to support my journey."


Pricing and Inclusions

The program is run online, so join from anywhere, globally.

(GST will be added for Australian Residents only.)


We are pleased to offer two scholarships, each with a 50% subsidy.

The scholarship is for leaders unable to participate without financial support. Please be in touch before enrolling by writing to: dimity[at]barasaconsult.com

Recirculating Regeneration

We donate 5% of all sales towards HalfCut and Rainforest 4, which buys back and gifts rainforest to the Daintree National Park, which will then be managed by Traditional Owners, theP Eastern Kuku Yalanji (https://go.halfcut.org/t/team2040)

Is this learning journey for you?

What you can expect:

  • Reconnect and nurture the intentions and motivations animating your leadership practice
  • Strengthen your commitment and perseverance to serving the needs of society and planet
  • Expand your self-knowledge of your own agency and grow your capability to contribute
  • Unblock and shift barriers so you can identify new possibilities to move forward
  • Evolve your leadership practice within and with a community
  • Access a wealth of experience and rich perspectives
  • Enter an intentional and brave space to stretch your leadership edge.
  • Create deeply human organisations that serve the real needs of our society and planet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the program online? How will we form a community of practice, online?

We are online and will use Zoom as our platform. Our online community is on a Mighty Networks Hub.  

Will the sessions be recorded if I miss one?

The sessions will be recorded and will be available to the group.

Is there preparation? And how much time do I need to invest each week?

We don't much like homework, however, you will have access to resources to support your learning on the  themes. Post-session you will have access to additional resources and tools through our community hub.

Do you offer this program to individual businesses?

Yes. If you are interested in discussing this program for your business or team, please contact: dimity@barasaconsult.com 


“Peer-to-peer interaction is where most learning takes place; it is the fertile earth, out of which something new is produced.”  

Peter Block, Community: The Structure of Belonging

Terms & Conditions

  1.  We do not offer refunds, however you can transfer your place to another person.

  2. We are creating a safe place for deep learning and inquiry, where each participant is respected. Disrespectful behaviour towards each other will lead to you being asked to leave the session. 

  3. If you choose a payment plan, you are making a commitment to the full set of payments.

We acknowledge the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first inhabitants of the nation and the traditional custodians of the lands where we live, learn and work. This website was created on Dharawal Country on the south coast of NSW.

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