Noble Leaders Group Program

Grow your capacity as a purpose-driven leader to deliver meaningful impact for communities, society and the planet, with courage, compassion and integrity.  

Magnify your impact as a purpose-driven leader

Leading with compassion, authenticity and integrity as you deliver meaningful impact for all stakeholders, is not an easy path.  

I am hearing that leaders across sectors, are struggling to truly live the values they hold, with the pressures and challenges they are facing. 

However, our time calls for leaders who "put service over self"*, who are values-driven, who can address inequalities, who can create possibility, and foster inclusive environments where people can thrive. 

This is challenging for any leader whether you are a senior leader of a team, running a project, or new to leadership. Whether in government or community services. Whether in sustainability consulting or a charity. 

It can feel a whole lot easer, more energising and full of possibility when you connect deeply with what motivates you AND are supported by a community of awesome peers who get it.

"Leading with nobility is an active choice"

Margaret Wheatley*, author, organisational and leadership specialist stated this in our Masterclass Series: Leading with nobility for a new era.

What I've learned from working with thousands of purpose-driven leaders over the past 15 years, striving to make a difference for people and planet, is that being our best selves, every day, is a choice.

The leaders I've worked with have found by doing the following things, this choice is easier and they can move forward with greater ease, energy and confidence: 

  • Reconnecting with what is most important to them
  • Opening to new perspectives and Identifying new ways to address challenges and dilemmas
  • Being equipped to create the conditions for their teams to be their best
  • Feeling confident to use their voice and presence to influence for positive change

Leading with nobility is an active choice.  

Over the past 15 years working with thousands of leaders, there are a number of needs leaders have, that when met, they can move forward with greater energy and confidence. 

These include:

Getting clear and reconnecting with your guiding compass

Re-connecting with what is important to you, who you are choosing to serve and why is deeply motivating. 

Overtime we can lose our connection to our core purpose and values. What motivated us to begin the work becomes elusive. 

During our time together through this program, access your wisdom. Make space to connect to who you want to be in your life, professionally and personally.

Gaining new perspectives and knowhow on how to address challenges

Stretching your leadership edge with new perspectives, mindsets, skills and knowhow in this new era will support you to surmount the day-to-day challenges of leading through uncertainty.

It can be hard to see past the limitations we set for ourselves and find ways past the external challenges and blockages.  

Cut through the noise and pressures, with a group of brilliant leaders, and gain a clear sense of your best next step.  Activate your imagination and see new possibilities.

Creating the conditions for your team to be their best selves

Imbuing your leadership practice with compassion, justice, and service is deeply fulfilling, and delivers results.

Together we will explore how to create the conditions for those you work with to be their best selves.  This includes learning more about collective leadership, deep democracy, and self-governing organisations. It also includes improving how you facilitate both collaborative and autonomous working in your team and projects.  

You can be the leader you choose to be and that your team and world needs.

Growing your confidence to use your voice and presence to influence

Enter the spaces you lead with deep integrity, confidence and a sense of calm.  

In our safe coaching space be heard, with non-judgement, and find your voice. Strengthen your capacity to use your voice to influence in your work context.  Settle on approaches you can use to influence and take a stance when needed.

It is incredible how powerful one clear voice, delivered with humility and fierce resolve, can be.

Hi! I'm Dimity Podger, creator of the Noble Leaders Group Program

I created the Noble Leaders Group Program to accompany purpose-driven leaders to feel supported, equipped, and empowered as they strive to create deeply human workplaces and deliver meaningful impact to their communities and society.

I accompany all leaders to infuse the way they lead with a sense of their own inner nobility and values such as mutual respect, justice, compassion, kindness, humility and service. 

For over 15 years, I have guided thousands of leaders and organisations to gain clarity of their guiding compass - purpose, values, principles and impact goals - and strive to create inclusive, collaborative, and creative cultures. I have worked with leaders from across sectors and countries including social change, health, government, business, not for profits, social enterprises, and management consultancies.  

The focus of my work for the past 5 years has been to empower leaders and organisations with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to create ethically resilient cultures through ethical leadership and decision making programs.

Last year I launched, with a team of collaborators, the Masterclass Series: Leading with nobility for a new era.  I also co-design and deliver programs as an Associate for The Ethics Centre and co-lead the Leading with Purpose program for the AGSM @UNSW Business School and serve on the AICD Corporate Governance Committee, bringing the voice of purpose, values, and ethics to the table. 

I am a passionate advocate of sustainability, conscious leadership, B Corporation and Conscious Capitalism movements, ethical design, and regenerative approaches to social and environmental change.

Who our leaders are and choose to be makes the difference.  Leadership can be a powerful positive force and my goal is to serve leaders committed to making an active choice to lead with nobility for the common good. 

I warmly invite you to join the Noble Leaders Group Program and peer-learning community. I look forward to walking with you as you lead your team, organisation or community.


"I  found this program to be just what I needed. At a time when I was experiencing confusion and struggle, this program helped me identify what is important to me and why. This not only occurred through the heart based content and skilled speakers, but also the other participants who brought a wealth of experience and a presence to each of the sessions. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for an inspiring leadership program." 

Senior Leader, Group Coaching Circle and Masterclass Series: Leading with nobility for a new era

How it works & what is included?

Individual Coaching Call

Kick off your 6 month program with a 90 minute, one to one coaching call with Dr Dimity Podger, creator of the program. The call allows you to connect with your lead coach, explore what the program entails, how it can support you, and what you are seeking to grow and develop.  

Monthly Group Coaching

Access monthly group coaching calls with a group of 6-8 like-minded and hearted leaders.  We meet monthly for a 90-minute  Zoom call. It is an opportunity for you to gain in-depth support, guidance and insights into specific challenges and development areas.  We will also explore themes and topics relevant to the group, supported by pre and post-resources.  Each group is facilitated by Dr Dimity Podger, creator of the program. Dimity hosts a warm, brave and intentional space where you can draw on the collective wisdom of the group.

Quarterly Half Day Deep Dives

Every 3 months join half day sessions held in January, April, July, and October. These sessions are for deeper reflection into your leadership practice, guidance and action planning. Reconnect with your compass, reassess how you are leading, address challenges and obstacles, identify development areas, explore themes and topics with a diverse community, and bring momentum to making an impact!

Warm, supportive community

Connect with highly responsive, generous, leaders who understand your challenges. Our online community space, our monthly and quarterly spaces are for you to seek guidance,  advice, troubleshoot, share ideas, and move forward.  

Online Community Platform

Access 24/7 support from your coach and the community, through our online community platform run through Mighty Networks.  This is the space for in-between session support and discussion. 


Access resources that will support your growth as a leader in this new era. Resources include videos, podcasts, templates for team activities, interviews, and articles. 

“Dimity hosts profoundly warm, intentional and brave spaces. I love her ability to stretch beyond comfort (her own and collectively) in ways that are welcoming and that invite us to bring everything we are.”

Participating Leader, Group Coaching Circle and Masterclass Series: Leading with nobility for a new era

Themes & topics we dive into...

Throughout the program you will explore the following themes and topics. You will engage with guest speakers (each quarter at a minimum).  We will flex the topics as 2021 unfolds to meet the needs of leaders joining our growing community.


  • Reconnect with and activate your guiding compass
  • Develop resilience as a leader
  • Explore regenerative approaches to leading
  • Lead in alignment with who you are
  • Strengthen your voice and find paths of influence

Relationships and teams

  • Harness collective leadership
  • Lead cultures of inclusion & belonging
  • Explore deep collaboration
  • Cultivate meaning and purpose at work
  • Harness conflict & diverse perspectives
  • Create a safe and caring environment

Organisations and systems

  • Explore systems thinking and leading through complexity
  • Bring humanity and purpose to work
  • Lead a culture of experimentation
  • Activate organisational values
  •  Use story-based strategies for change
  • Design your flexible workplace with an eye on the impact ripples

A love of humanity and the planet, calls leaders to step up and, with unrelenting commitment, create a world  that is compassionate, just, and regenerative for all. Those leaders that answer this call, are distinguished by their honourable character, courage & wisdom, and service to the common good.

We call this “noble leadership.” 

Dr Dimity Podger

Director, Barasa Consulting Group and Creator, Noble Leaders Group Coaching Program

When do we meet?

Monthly Group Coaching Calls

Each group of 6-8 leaders meets online with Dimity, generally on the first Thursday or Friday of the month.  Our next call is 1 April, 2021.  All times listed below are AEST (Sydney / Melbourne). More times and dates will be listed as groups fill. 

Upcoming dates and times:

Thursday April 1 2021, 12:00 - 1:30pm

Friday May 7 2021, 12:00 - 1:30pm

Quarterly Half Day Deep Dives

The community can join half day deep dives online.  All times are AEST (Sydney / Melbourne).

Dates and times for NEXT sessions planned so far are:

29 April, 2-5pm

15 July, 9-12pm

22 October, 2-5pm

20 January, 9-12pm

* If a group forms and agrees on a different time, that works for me.

"I was impressed at the efforts around not only including diversity and inclusivity as a topic in this masterclass series, but also how it was embedded throughout the entire course – from the presenters, the spirit of the space created, and the conscious inclusion of diversity of thought and background both in the participants but also in the voices that were given space. This really showed a whole-hearted commitment to these ideals which was incredible."





What do previous participants say?

“Brilliant coaching process l would recommend to any leader who wants to challenge and expand their leadership lens through connecting with the heart.”



"Dimity provided a space in which we could share our vulnerabilities and hear real time feedback or ideas from one another. A rare opportunity for reflection, reframing and good discussion."



“ I am so grateful to Dimity who I think beautifully embodies noble leadership and is the perfect person in bringing a space like this together and helping us as individuals and a collective to reflect on and renew our efforts in having a positive impact not just through our work but also our place in our families, neighbourhood and the world.  ”




"I found the intimate Group Coaching Circle valuable and useful particularly in that the reflection and insight from others  took me much deeper in my own. 10/10"



"The group coaching provided a safe and generative space for all participants to raise issues, have everyone contribute and support people on their journey. The group became very close and were moved by the experience."


Join a focused, reflective, and action oriented community, with fierce resolve. 

Together, we can contribute more effectively to the needs of our time. 

  • There is a little (or a lot!) of rebel in all of us. We are not satisfied with the "way things are" and strive to bring justice, compassion and sustainability wherever we lead.
  • We are a supportive and diverse community of leaders bent on the regeneration of society and the planet.
  • Each of us operates from a place of non-judgement and mutual respect.
  • We're curious to learn from each other. 
  • Each of us operates from a place of non-judgement and mutual respect.
  • Each of us, throughout our working and personal lives, bring oodles of leadership experience and wisdom, and we share generously, with good humour and good hearts.  
  • We relish making connections, extending our network, and creating a sense of community.
  • Make no mistake. We are both mystics and warriors - emotionally intelligent inquirers, focused on acting with courage and compassion. 
  • We are committed to the BEING and DOING of noble leadership. 

Pricing and Inclusions

Our next cohort of 6-8 leaders starts Friday 23 July 2021.

The program is run online, so join from anywhere, globally.

(GST will be added for Australian Residents only.)

**One scholarship place is available for every group of 6-8 that forms. Learn more hereApply here**

Terms & Conditions

  1. Growing your leadership practice takes time. That’s why we have a minimum commitment of six months in the Noble Leaders Group Program. 
  2.  We do not offer refunds, however you can transfer your place to another person.
  3. We are creating a safe place for deep learning and inquiry, where each participant is respected. Disrespectful behaviour towards each other will lead to you being asked to leave the session. 
  4. If you choose a payment plan, you are committing to the full set of payments.

Is the Noble Leaders Group Program for you?

"I enjoyed the Group Coaching Circles greatly. Dimity has a wonderful way of facilitating the conversation - balancing and allowing time for the ideas, feelings, questions that came out, as well as time for reflection as we thought about and processed things in our own way."  (Senior Leader, Government, Participant in Group Coaching Circle)

Join a supportive community of heart-led leaders and leave the sense of going it alone behind. 

Build your resilience even in uncertain times and feel stronger emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Get the support you need to move forward and grow.

We are in a new era, characterised by even greater complexity and uncertainty.

Social inequities, the complex requirements of our organisations and team members, the growing ecological challenges of our time, need our attention and imagination.

Our leadership practice needs to evolve and grow to match these needs. The themes and topics, and inquiry space of our coaching calls and deep dives will support your growth.

Get clear on who you are choosing to be at this time,  the role you can play in creating positive change, and how you can lead inclusive and innovative workplaces. 

Dimity, your guide, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, and  a network of collaborators and connections to support you as you evolve your leadership practice.

What you can expect:

  • Reconnect and nurture the intentions and motivations animating your leadership practice
  • Strengthen your commitment and perseverance to serving the needs of society and planet
  • Expand your self-knowledge of your own agency and power to influence
  • Unblock and shift barriers so you can identify new possibilities to move forward
  • Join a supportive community of heart-led leaders and leave the sense of going it alone behind. 
  • Access a wealth of experience and rich perspectives
  • Enter an intentional and brave space to stretch your leadership edge.
  • Create deeply human organisations that serve the real needs of our society and planet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the program online? How will we form a community of practice, online?

We are online and will use Zoom as our platform. Our online community is on a Mighty Networks Hub.  

Will the sessions be recorded if I miss one?

The sessions will be recorded and will be available to the group.

Are there facilitated peer groups to gain support and explore the content in more depth?

Absolutely. There are three 90 minute Group Coaching sessions you can book in for during the Masterclass Series to dive deeply into the content and practice of what you have learned. This is a wonderful opportunity to extend your network, address your specific challenges, and gain insights from purpose-driven peers. Each Group is capped to 8 participants to provide for deep conversations. 

Is there preparation?

We don't much like homework, however, you will have access to resources to support your learning on the  themes. Post-session you will have access to additional resources and tools through our community hub.

Do you offer this program to individual businesses?

Yes. If you are interested in discussing this program for your business or team, please contact: 


“Peer-to-peer interaction is where most learning takes place; it is the fertile earth, out of which something new is produced.”  

Peter Block, Community: The Structure of Belonging

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