My workshops and leadership coaching sessions are highly effective in helping individuals and teams to define their vision, purpose and values. There are different reasons why my clients seek out my support. 

  • Your team or organisation may need to define your purpose and values for the first time
  • You may need to review and activate the purpose and values you have
  • You may need a much strongeralignment between your vision, purpose and values
  • You may need to refresh them because of a new direction or

Your team and organisation has undergone a fundamental shift, having grown through a crisis, and you need to define who you are and where you are headed.

“Dimity created an excellent session for us on how to bring the public sector core values to life in our everyday work. She made us think about the values and what they mean for us internally and externally. We linked the values with behaviours and actions, and started to put down the ways we can measure success.

 Dimity’s facilitation skills are gentle and diplomatic while delivering solid and heavy topics. She adapts to her audience, listens and is outcome-focused. Dimity absorbed the brief extremely well, delivered and followed through. I would love to work with her again in the future.”

(Business Change Manager, NSW Government, Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing)

Workshops I have delivered for teams, organisations, projects and individuals: 

  • Team and Leadership Purpose Discovery;
  • Defining your Team, Project and Organisational Values;
  • Definition and Activation of your Moral Compass;
  • Masterclass: How to define and activate your team, organisational or project values;
  • Leadership Purpose and Values;
  • Leadership Values;
  • Define your Project Purpose, Values and Culture; and

Alignment: Getting your ethical foundations right

“It is exactly what you hope a Masterclass would be – deep, rich, insightful and connected. My favourite content was learning about core, aspirational vs permission-to-play values – it felt like a lightbulb went off. I also loved the time you took to set up the connections in the room and set the scene. It paid dividends. It felt like such a gift to spend the day with Dimity deep diving on values, and I think every single organisation or project needs to know this information before embarking on a values exercise.” (Carmen Hawker, Communicator, Carmen GetIt! Masterclass participant)

Workshops help leaders, teams and organisations build a collective and compelling framework of who they are to who they serve, who they are, and how they are going to be? 

 These elements of the framework are critical to guide behaviour, actions, and decisions. Leaders and employees gain confidence in the way forward, and relevant tools that will enable them to activate their framework in their day-to-day work.

“The Masterclass exceeded my expectations and provided me with the tools to effectively apply to projects.  I found the content very inspiring and valuable and applicable to any project. It is important that project values are clearly defined and agreed at the beginning of each project to provide alignment and form the pillars of success.” (HarisMoraitis, Associate Director, HKA.)

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