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Dr Dimity Podger, our Founder, is invited to speak at conferences, deliver interactive workshops and masterclasses, and moderate and speak on panels.

The following topics, so critical right now as you lead your teams and organisation, are ready to go, in both virtual and face to face formats:

  • Getting your ethical foundations right
  • Leadership and Purpose
  • The Value of Values
  • How to bake purpose into the DNA of your business
  • How to lead a conscious business
  • Unravelling ethical dilemmas
  • Exploring spiritual principles in the design of social change initiatives
  • From sustainability to regeneration
  • Leading with nobility in the workplace
  • Building an ethical practice

Case Studies

AGSM @UNSW Business School – Professional Forum 2019

Masterclass: Unravelling Ethical Dilmmas

 Dr Dimity Podger, played the role of The Ethicist on a panel of four, exploring ethical dilemmas, with a room of 200 AGSM alumni. 

CIBSE Virtual Learning Event for Members: Ethics Revisited, March 2020

 Dr Dimity Podger, speaking on getting your ethical foundations right to create an ethically resilient culture. 

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Reconnect with Meaning and Purpose in Your Team:

For Leaders of Bambuddha Group, May 2020

 Dr Podger facilitated a session with leaders of Bambuddha Group leadership program, focusing on reconnecting with purpose and meaning during a crisis. You acn read more on the blog here about the content of this session. Dimity would be delighted to deliver a similar session for your team. 

The Value of Values: The Living Futures Symposium, September 2019

In this 90 minute Masterclass, Dimity took participants through an experiential session to learn how to define values in teams, organisations, and with clients.

Client Feedback

Reconnecting teams to meaning and purpose, with leaders

Anna Sheppard, CEO Bambuddha Group

“Her credibility and research-based approach really does make it easy to apply complex systemic ideas into simplicity for leaders and teams, and greater organisations. This is a whole-hearted recommendation for Dimity and Barasa Consulting Group. If you are an organisation looking to empower your team with more purpose, with more impact, and better outcomes for your business sand the world you should chat to Dimity.”

Exploring spiritual principles in designing social change initiatives, at Newkind

Erfan Daliri, Founder Newkind Conference
“Dimity brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to Newkind and we are very grateful for the lasting impact she had on the conference participants. With her unique perspective on spirituality and sustainability, Dimity was able to help us connect new dots and reaffirm a deeper sense of purpose to further refine our efforts for social change. We highly recommend Dimity as a presenter and trainer, and look forward to our next opportunity to learn from her work.”

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