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Pulse Check - Reconnect and amplify meaning and purpose in your team

Reconnect and amplify meaning and purpose in your team

Here at Barasa, we accompany leaders and teams create purpose-driven, meaningful, and fulfilling workplaces, that make a difference, improve wellbeing and drive performance.

We’re pleased to accompany you on this journey with our new Pulse Check for Team Leaders and Teams.

Instructions: Running Your Pulse Check


Who should be involved in the conversation?


Groups of individuals who work together, as a team.

This is also a great tool for your own reflection and growth.

Everyone will benefit from this.


STEP 1 – Team Leader Pulse Check (20 mins)


Download and print the Pulse Check.

Find a private space and set aside 20 minutes of interrupted time.

Read through the questions and reflect on your behaviours.

Think about specific examples and reflect on these questions:

  • Where am I doing well? What is helping me?
  • What are you not doing well? What is hindering me?
  • What can I improve?
  • What changes will I make? What can assist me?
  • What am I not sure of and need to hear more from the team?


STEP 2 – Introduce the Team Pulse Check (20 mins)


Share the tool with your team and how it can be of benefit to reflect and bring greater meaning and purpose to the team.  Give everyone a copy and invite them to complete it.


STEP 3 – Team Completes Pulse Check (20 mins)


In addition to your own personal reflection, it is important to understand the individual and collective view of how to create more meaning, purpose and fulfilment.

This tool has a questionnaire that provides reflection questions for you and your team members, to consider individually, and then to discuss the results.

The questions explore how fulfilled team members are at work and include questions about key elements that are part of creating a meaningful and fulfilling work environment. The questions are based on the research mentioned.


  • Print a copy of the question page for each person. Alternatively, we can create an online, anonymous questionnaire and report for you.
  • Invite your team to complete it and hand it in anonymously.


STEP 4 – Collate Results (60 mins)


Invite volunteers to be part of the process of collating the information and sharing it with one another.


STEP 5 – Invite Team to a Reflection Session (5 mins)


Invite team members to a conversation to explore the results and what changes you can make to amplify the level of meaning and fulfilment experienced by all of you.


STEP 6 – Host Team Reflection (70-90 mins)



Virtual: Zoom / Teams or other online platform for your conversation. Decide on your visual collaboration tools such as Miro, Mural, or Google Docs.

In person: Room, butchers paper, markers, post its



Invite or designate a facilitator and a scribe for the session before the session.


SET (5 mins)

Explain that the group’s task for the 90 minutes to really reconnect with what can bring greater meaning, purpose and fulfilment to your team.


CONNECT (10 mins)

Invite each person to share a story about something that was meaningful to them in the past week. Share the story, what happened, and why it was important.

If you have a large team, you may do this in small breakout rooms in groups of 3.

Debrief when you come back and share those moments with one another.


FRAME (10 mins)

Create (or review) guidelines for everyone to enter into a safe conversation.

For example, explore principles people need to feel safe, such as:

  • bring a curious mind and open heart
  • each person has an equal voice in the conversation
  • we will listen to understand
  • we will be honest and respectful
  • other



Discuss the results, using the 6 elements for increasing wellbeing, performance, trust and meaning in your team.

Consider for each element:

  • what has gone well?
  • what needs improvement?
  • what have you learned? 

Give pairs 20 minutes to reflect and record their thoughts on post-it notes, or if doing this virtually, on a Miro workspace (see below).


TIP: Create a MIRO Board. Consider each element in turn, and add post-its:

For example: Feeling Supported

What went well? What can be improved? What did we learn?

Share your ideas and group them.

TIP: You can use the format of Atlassian’s Play – 4Ls – Loved, Longed For, Loathed, Learnt, Actions.


DECISIONS (10 mins)

Individually or in pairs decide on 1-2 actions to improve over the next month.

Collate the actions and share. Check in on this next month.



Finish with a round of check out, with a focus question like:

What is our freshest thinking on bring more meaning and purpose to our work?



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More resources to reconnect with meaning and purpose


Meaning Purpose

What brings you meaning and purpose in your team individually and collectively?


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