Benefits from supporting your people to live and breathe your purpose and values

There are many benefits of investing in your leaders, teams, culture, and systems to activate your higher purpose and values throughout your organisation. We’re not just talking about any purpose either. We are talking about a purpose that makes a difference to people’s lives and the planet. 

 Customers, employees, investors and the community are rewarding businesses that integrate a higher purpose and aligned values throughout everything they do.

Being purposeful is a challenging journey 

PWC & LRN CEO Pulse Survey found that companies find it hard to translate their purpose and values into action:

  • 67% of CEOS highlighted a lack of understanding in the company of how to translate purpose and values into concrete actions and behaviours
  • >50% of CEOs identified short-term operating pressures and business goals presented a challenge in implementing purpose in culture  and strategy
  • 50% of CEOs believe their employees have difficulty in connecting their work to their company’s purpose and values

Fundamental to creating a thriving, purpose-led organisation is resonance between leader purpose, and the purpose of the organisation.

The two reinforce the other.

During times of rapid change, it can be a struggle to maintain a connection to your Guiding Compass

Particularly in times of crisis and transition, it is even more important for your whole team to be making decisions as one. It is also critical to reflect together about whether you are living your purpose and values, and what shifts re needed.

Your people need to be cooperating, reciprocating, collaborating, being open, being respectful, being empathetic and human.

What I have seen when leaders and team members are living and breathing the guiding compass of their organisation are:

  • Cooperation within and between teams
  • Common way of being and doing
  • A culture that is fit for purpose
  • The right people doing the right things at the right time
  • Consistency and guidance for decisions
  • Clarity of direction and expectations
  • Open and honest discussion
  • Greater sense of meaning, job satisfaction and productivity
  • Socially connected and resilient people
  • Cohesion and trust, collaboration and innovation

Refresh your connection and unlock your potential

We have a range of training programs and workshops that will reconnect your team and organisation with your core purpose, values and principles. Do you have something else in mind? As learning designers and facilitators we can tailor our programs to meet your needs.

Training Courses – Online and Offline

We create customised training for your leaders, teams, and organisation on the following topics:

  • Reinvent: refresh your vision, purpose, values and principles
  • Masterclass: Define and activate your purpose and vision
  • Masterclass: Define and activate your values and principles
  • Leading ethical decisions in complex environments
  • Translate your purpose, vision and values into action
  • Connect your employees to your organisational purpose
  • Find your purpose and values – for employees
  • Action learning for leaders – purpose and values-led leadership
  • M.A.D (Make a Difference) Playshop
  • Define and practice your ethical compass – for managers and leaders

COVID-19 Ready: I have webinars ready to go, as well as virtual, interactive programs that can be delivered over time.

Hi, I’m Dimity Podger, Director of Barasa Consulting Group

If you have the goal to lead your team, project, or organisation with a higher purpose and values, and foster a culture of trust, collaboration, and respect, fundamentals to being adaptive and innovative, please get in touch to discuss how our programs can support your goals.

I have been providing tailored courses for leaders, teams, and organisations around purpose, values, sustainability, and ethics for 18 years. I work across a diversity of industries, sectors and organisational sizes. I deliver my programs online, as well as face to face, at C-suite, senior leader, and team levels.

These training courses bottle my consulting and learning design experience and share frameworks, tools, case studies in a way that you can explore and make relevant for your own context. In the program.

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